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Journal Policies

Copyright, withdrawal, Refund and Certification

---For all journals published online, the online version of the publication should be considered as the final version.
---Rights to copy/print/save the content of the journals are restricted by default, unless otherwise agreed upon by the company – IJESRT
---No direct commercial reuse of the content is permitted, without specific permission of the company - IJESRT
---The copyright of the content remains with the company - IJESRT

---There will be no refund in any Case. ALL THE PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE

---In case of withdrawal of your manuscript, you need to pay the same amount what you have paid at the time of publishing your manuscript.

---There will be no individual soft copy of certificate, soft copy will be combined for all the authors content in the published manuscript. If author wish to have individual certificate they can apply for hard copy of certificate.

---If hard copy of certificate is retuned back to our office then we won't be dispatch it again, we can only share soft copy of your hard copy certificate.


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